We want to help your child become a scientist in his or her own way. Our educational modules can help students gain life skills in researching issues in a community, classifying information and identifying stakeholders within the context of the Chesapeake Bay. We transform students into active learners, giving them direct, hands-on experience. Our goal is to provide today’s teenage students with the tools necessary to successfully transform into tomorrow’s leaders by actively engaging them in meaningful explorations of their own communities.

Expedition Chesapeake engages students through educational modules that use a variety of teaching methods, from constructing and implementing experiments to collecting and analyzing data and conducting interviews of local residents. By participating in role-play experiences, students gain a greater understanding of the issues within their local communities as it pertains to the health and wellness of the watershed and its inhabitants.


Expedition Chesapeake educational modules are aligned with the appropriate state academic standards and designed to meet needs of educators in the classroom. We aim to bring rich scientific class materials prepared for an interdisciplinary unit of study that can be used to build skills in other areas to include writing, public speaking, mathematics and social sciences.

We’ve designed these class resources with you and your students in mind. These tools can be used to meet the requirements of your state academic standards in science content in addition to select standards in reading, writing, speaking, mathematics and social sciences. All lessons are aligned to the academic standards of states within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Students in grades 8-10 are the primary target for the educational modules. We’ve received feedback from current teachers and classroom practitioners within the watershed to determine which educational pieces work the best, and we’re confident that our modules will integrate well within any teacher’s curriculum.

Expedition Chesapeake’s educational modules can be accessed at no cost and give teachers access to an incredible amount of resources within in a single location without the need for more textbooks. These modules are designed to allow teachers to integrate content and skill development across the curriculum or used exclusively within the science curriculum—the choice is yours.