Module 1 - Making the Most of our Natural Resources


Making the Most of our Natural Resources (Module 1) is designed to guide students as they learn about the value of the natural resources within the Chesapeake Bay watershed and consequences of actions taken by residents, towns, counties and regions that impact these resources.  Emphasis is on water quality in the students’ backyards and how it affects their neighborhoods as well as bodies of water downstream, including the Chesapeake Bay.  As with all Expedition Chesapeake educational materials, student learning experiences (LEs) are based on real scenarios within the watershed.

Making the Most of our Natural Resources introduces students to key concepts through two real-life scenarios from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Tourists Lured by Trout is based on restoration efforts on Smith Creek, Rockingham County, Virginia. Winning with Healthy Waterways is based on partnership efforts in the Chemung River basin in Southern New York State (near Elmira and Corning).