The mission of Expedition Chesapeake’s educational experiences is to provide a hands-on, real-world context for students to experience science content. Educational modules promote investigation of the ecosystem within the students’ local area of the watershed by examining the current conditions within the ecosystem and exploring practices which have been introduced to improve the overall health of the system.

Your child will become knowledgeable not only about the process of “doing science,” but also will gain life skills such how to research an issue within your community, classification of information and identification of stakeholders just to name a few.

Students will enjoy our program because they will be active participants in their learning instead of passive recipients of knowledge. Our goal is to provide today’s teenage students with the tools necessary to successfully transform into tomorrow’s leaders by actively engaging them in meaningful explorations of what is happening in their communities using watershed education as the "vehicle."

Expedition Chesapeake engages students throughout the modules using a variety of experiences from constructing and implementing experiments to collecting and analyzing data and conducting interviews of local residents. By participating in a role-play experiences, students gain a greater understanding of the issues within their local communities as it pertains to the health and wellness of the watershed and its inhabitants.