Fact Sheet

There are four major components of Whitaker Center for Science & the Arts’ Expedition Chesapeake:

The Film

A sweeping Large Format film is the anchor of Expedition Chesapeake. This is the first large format film to focus on the Chesapeake Bay watershed and it is the first film to be developed by Whitaker Center. Filming will begin in 2017.

The Online Experience

Expedition Chesapeake is both an entertainment and educational experience. Whitaker Center has partnered with The Pennsylvania State University and the PA Department of Education to develop a series of interactive modules that will excite young people to become more active stewards of this natural resource. The goal is to deliver a 21st century environmental education experience.

The Traveling 4D Science Exhibit

The Chesapeake Bay watershed touches six states and the District of Columbia. Whitaker Center is committed to teaching students and all residents across this vast resource about this national treasure. The Traveling 4D Science Exhibit will bring this story to schools and community centers, recreation areas and other venues throughout the watershed.

TV Documentary

Expedition Chesapeake will include the production of a television documentary that will focus on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The documentary production will provide insight to the motivations that led to this innovative initiative, featuring the people, places and ideas that provide a context for the project. The documentary will also capture a behind-the-scenes view of the Giant Screen filming process. The documentary will be produced for broadcast on public television and commercial television.

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