About the Project

Expedition Chesapeake is a multi-media educational and entertainment experience anchored by a large format film which is designed to educate and inspire the 17 million residents of the Chesapeake Bay watershed to become better stewards of this national treasure. The project will create three related products that are headlined by the 42-minute large format film. The educational components include a hands-on, traveling 4D science exhibit and a set of online learning experiences designed to engage students throughout the six states in the watershed.

Each component of Expedition Chesapeake will be reflected through the lives of our ancestors, our neighbors, even ourselves. You will meet families in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia doing their part to protect and preserve the country’s largest estuary. They don't know each other, but they are working together to understand and resolve the issues of water quality, climate change, development, fishing and invasive species. As we will see, their stories illustrate that addressing these issues often requires action on multiple fronts. The relationships among people, plants, animals, land and water in the Chesapeake Bay watershed form an intricate web of interdependence as well as co-existence.

Through these stories and the unique ways that Expedition Chesapeake will deliver them, we will come to appreciate the vital importance as well as the stunning beauty of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We will better understand that our choices have an impact far beyond what we can see from our own backyard.

Expedition Chesapeake project components have been supported in part with funding from Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Dauphin County Office of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, and Pennsylvania Center for Dairy Excellence.